whissip - «b2evolution done right»

(*cough* looked at Drupal yet?)


Whissip is a derived branch from b2evolution, with additional features.

For example:

I try to maintain a list of differences in doc/whissip_changes.txt.
The list of actual differences can be viewed at github: compare cvs-mirror to master.


For now, you can get it from github. If you have Git installed, just do:

git clone git://github.com/whissip/whissip.git
git clone https://github.com/whissip/whissip.git

A demo is available on the b2evolution test/demo server.

You can download a tarball/archive via Github's export from https://github.com/whissip/whissip/tarball/master.

To install it, the following might work:

Please contact me in case of any discrepancies or suggestions.


Do not ask for the future, live the present.


Currently, it still uses the derived b2evolution branding, but it may make sense at some point to use a separate logo.
Some submissions are already available.


Please report any bugs and feature requests!

layout of this page?

Down here it's CSS Naked Day all night long.


This branch/semi-project is maintained by Daniel.